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By fsoffietti



6th June, 2024

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Are you curious about AI communication in society?

'Promoting quality communication of Artificial Intelligence: insights from an AI research project' is the focus of the presentation that VIU will offer at AISCICOMM24, the research conference on 'Science Communication in the age of AI' coordinated by prof. Mike Shäfer, University of Zurich, on stage June 6-7 at ETH.

The presentation is based on insights from MUHAI project where VIU is leading the communication and dissemination activities.

Working with AI top level scientists allowed a reflection on their understanding of public communication of AI, their role as researchers in supporting a trustworthy communication and, in turn, the role of science communicators to effectively communicate AI to the wider public.

Results are drawn from interviews with MUHAI researchers, data related to the project communication activities as well as existing literature on the topic.

Alessandra Fornetti (VIU), Folco Soffietti (IUAV PhD candidate and VIU), Ilda Mannino (VIU) are the authors of the work.

Follow the conference on X #AISCICOMM24. Information about the event at this link.






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