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Université de Namur (UNamur)

Katrien Beuls

With a PhD in computer science and a background in linguistics and AI, I investigate how intelligent systems can be built that exhibit the same robust, flexible, and adaptive linguistic capacities as us, humans. I build MUHAI’s cookingbot. Outdoor sports are my outlet.


Ines Blin

With a background in mathematics, computer science and NLP, I have recently been focusing on semantic technologies. In MUHAI, I want to build narrative structures starting from knowledge graphs. Besides academics, I am fond of running and expanding my cultural knowledge.

Venice International University (VIU)

Susanna Cappello

I am MUHAI’s Communications Assistant. I hold a BA and MA in International Relations and lived abroad in Europe and North America. I have a passion for exploring all things related to arts, foreign languages, and culture. Cats are my spirit animal.

Venice International University (VIU)

Alessandra Fornetti

With a humanities background, I have been working for two decades as International Relations and Communications manager. Sustainability is my field of reference since ever, communication of research my daily #dare&care. I am MUHAI’s Dissemination leader. Screensaver is my buzzword.


Martina Galletti

With a background in Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics, my research interests are centered around Multilingual NLP, Learning Technologies and Human-Computer Interaction. In MUHAI, I want to extract semantic relations from text. Apart research, I enjoy scuba-diving and photography.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)

Nikos Kondylidis

My background is in computer science and artificial intelligence. I am currently doing my Ph.D. in which I study how agents can understand each other by developing their own language. I like socializing and learning about different cultures. Philosophy is my addiction.

University of Bremen (UHB)

Rainer Malaka

I am professor for Digital Media at the University of Bremen. My resarch intrests cover AI, Human Computer Interaction and Entertainment Computing.

Venice International University (VIU)

Ilda Mannino

I am an Environmental Scientist working on sustainable development issues from different perspectives, that go from economic and political aspects to citizens’ engagement. Within MUHAI I am supporting the communication and dissemination team.

Venice International University (VIU)

Davide Michielin

I studied Biology in Padua, Trieste and Vienna but I have always loved writing. So I became a science writer! Nowadays I coordinate several editorial projects for Italian magazines and I am MUHAI social media manager. My house is cram-full of LEGO.

Venice International University (VIU)

Anna Morbiato

My BA and MA in Chinese-English interpretation and my passion for linguistics made me travel a lot, with study and research periods in China, Australia, and Europe. I got a Ph.D. in Linguistics and in Asian Studies; for MUHAI, I do research in cognitive semantics and pragmatics.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Jens Nevens

I studied Computer Science - AI in Brussels. During my studies, I discovered about robots with human-like communication systems and it blew my mind. In my PhD research, I investigate how to advance their language capabilities. Iceland is my all-time favourite destination.

University of Bremen (UHB)

Mihai Pomarlan

I studied robotics in Romania and Germany, initially with a focus on sensor fusion and motion planning, then switched to cognitive robotics in the past years. My interests now are in how an artificial agent might understand a physical situation: what can happen and why.

University of Bremen (UHB)

Robert Porzel

I studied general linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science and formalized embodied construction grammar at the University of California in Berkeley. I currently work on formalizing knowledge for understanding human language and activities as a Senior Researcher in Bremen.

Venice International University (VIU)

Carlo Santagiustina

I am a behavioural economist with a special love for tweetoric and computer science. Within MUHAI, I am contributing to the design and development of a web observatory for understanding people's views and narratives about social inequality, using social media data and semantic web sources, such as Wikipedia.

University of Bremen (UHB)

Laura Spillner

After studying Media and Computer Science, I started working as a Doctoral Researcher in Bremen. My interest lies in AI and understanding language: In MUHAI, I study how robotic agents can use common sense knowledge to execute recipes, and how they can learn new knowledge in the process.

Venice International University (VIU)

Luc Steels

I am an AI scientist working in the field since the early 1970s. In the MUHAI project I am the scientific director. From the side of VIU I participate in the conceptual foundations, technical work on understanding systems, and applications to social issues and art.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)

Lise Stork

In the MUHAI project, I work on human-understandable scientific hypothesis generation. Before that, I did a PhD on the extraction of knowledge from old biodiversity manuscripts. My favorite things: the outdoors, language exchange, board games, and bookshops.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)

Annette ten Teije

Prof. AI in Medicine. My interest is in formal models that will allow computers to re-use knowledge in a different context from where it has been acquired, and medical knowledge is the experimental area. My passion for research is only equallyed by my passion for running.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)

Ilaria Tiddi

I am an Assistant Professor in Hybrid Intelligence. I work on intelligent systems combining of symbolic and subsymbolic AI that can solve problems in e-Science and robotics scenarios. I love travelling, and can tell you how 3 truck drivers once fixed my car’s broken engine in the middle of the Mongolian desert.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Paul Van Eecke

I hold a PhD in Computer Science, an M.A in Linguistics and an M.Sc. in Artificial intelligence. Within MUHAI, I am involved in research on scaling constructional language processing. I like to build.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)

Frank van Harmelen

I am a professor of AI at the VU. I'm interested in combining Knowledge Representation with Machine Learning, needed for achieving meaning and understanding in AI. If I'm not in the lab, the only place I'd rather be are the mountains.


Remi van Trijp

I’m our lab’s computational-linguist-in-chief and Principal Investigator of the MUHAI Paris team. I design language technologies for extracting meanings from text and building comprehension models. I also confess to keeping a list of words that are fun to say.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Lara Verheyen

After studying Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, I found my way to the VUB where I am currently a PhD researcher. Language has always fascinated me and now I spend my time conducting research on the topic of discourse understanding. I love reading and watching fantasy!


Oscar Vilarroya

I am a neuroscientist who works on how the human brain adapts to critical life challenges, such as social conflict. In MUHAI, I am involved in addressing the cognitive aspects of narratives. In my spare time, though, I plunge into the world of performing arts.

University of Bremen (UHB)

Gerald Volkmann

I am research manager at the Center for Computing Technology in Bremen and I take care for the administration of the Muhai project. I studied computer science in Berlin and made my PhD at the University of Bremen. I love new research questions and innovations of all kind.

Apicbase (APIC)

Pieter Wellens

CTO and co-founder at Apicbase, always looking how we can bring the best product and experience to our customers. A sustainable and profitable world of food with zero waste is what we aim for. My passion is bringing sustainability, technology and people together.